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Featured Newquay Hotels Cornwall

Headland Hotel

World famous hotel by the ocean. 4 stars from £79.

Best Western Newquay

Fantastic value just outside the bustling town from £49.

Glendorgal Hotel

Panoramic views of the Coast. Rooms from £51.

Great Western Hotel

An absolute bargain in the town with double rooms from £25.

Deals on Hotels in Newquay and Cornwall

Newquay in Cornwall is a town of contrasts. The clifftop scenery is wildly beautiful.  The beaches are vast, golden and immaculately clean – and of course a paradise for surfers.  The nightlife is nothing short of lively – but it’s a wonderfully family-friendly place as well.  Newquay also provides the perfect base for exploring Cornwall’s attractions a little further afield, such as the fascinating Eden Project, breathtaking Tintagel and wild and windy Land’s End.

Whether you are looking for a surf hotel, a boutique hideaway or a traditional guest house, Hotels Fairy can bring you a selection of more than 70 hotels in Newquay, as well as hundreds of other Cornish retreats. Top Newquay Hotels UK include:

  • Hotel California Newquay
  • The Bay Hotel Newquay
  • Western Hotel Newquay
  • Victoria Hotel Newquay
  • Harbour Hotel Newquay
  • Hotel Bristol Newquay

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